About me

I am 26 year old from South Wales and have been working as a deckhand on yachts either side of the Atlantic for the last two years… and miss cycle touring, although I’ve only actually done one!

When living in Chamonix Mt-Blanc between 2010 – 2012 I cycled home to Brecon, taking the 2500km route via La Rochelle and Brittany, and have been yearning for another adventure since.

After Spending a month doing courses in Fort Lauderdale (punctuated with a surfing trip to the Dominican Republic with my girlfriend), and still happily unemployed, I have decided now is the time to return to Morocco, and cycle solo through the mountains, desert, through Spain ending up in the south of France a few weeks later.

This blog should keep you up to date with my progress through paragraphs, pictures and programmes, in a way thats should make all of my friends and family jealous, as I am useless at keeping in touch! As I am travelling solo, It will also serve as a means of broadcasting distress šŸ˜‰

Please check back regularly


Chamonix - Brecon 2011

Chamonix – Brecon 2011


One comment

  1. Hey! I am one fo the Swansea Lads that you mention on your first day! Glad to see you’ve been making good progress!

    All the best from us and I look forward to reading more updates!!

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